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Kim Kardashian Accused Of Being 'weight Loss Cheating' Bride-to-be

Kanye West didn't have to look far for a costar to ride shotgun with him in the music video for his new song "Bound 2": fiance Kim Kardashian , who helps turn up the heat in the road-trip-themed clip. In the video, which the rapper debuted Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, West, 36, and Kardashian, 33, hop on a motorcycle together while vistas of landscapes and all sorts of natural scenery whiz by behind them. But it's the action on the motorcycle that's sure to grab everyone's attention, as Yeezus and a topless Kardashian bump and grind along to the track, which proffers: "I know you're tired of lovin', of lovin', with to nobody to love.' And although the racy video stole the spotlight during West's sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres , he did chat about other things, including his and Kardashian's precious 5-month-old daughter, North West. The rapper, however, couldn't help but slip a naughty zinger into the repartee.
More: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20757308,00.html

Simon Ourian, a cosmetic plastic surgeon with the Epione clinic. Insiders reveal that Kim has been getting work done, including fillers, stretch-mark treatments and a fat-reducing ultrasound procedure on her stomach that costs up to $5,000 [3,711] a session. Shes also paid a fortune for something called the Coolaser treatment, which chills the skin and then uses light pulses to vaporize skin cells removing wrinkles, scars, saggy skin and stretch marks but the report also adds to the impressive tab hair laser removal, which is deemed one of Kims biggest beauty secrets. Actually, its not that much of a secret, because she admitted a long time ago to being almost entirely hairless all over. The tab goes on to say that Kim has struck a deal with paparazzi always following her around to make sure her visits to the clinic remained a secret so that she could then claim she lost the weight the traditional, hard-working way.
More: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Kim-Kardashian-Spent-80-000-59-382-on-Plastic-Surgery-for-Post-Pregnancy-Body-402529.shtml

Most people would readily agree that a weight loss of 10 pounds per month is hardly unreasonable. Still, Life and Style contends that their source has confirmed Kardashian used surgical methods to achieve her results. The magazine states, Kim and other high-profile clients can sneak in through a back door to keep from run-ins with the paparazzi. And during one trip to a laser hair-removal clinic another of Kims secret weapons she pretended to be visiting the Pilates studio next door. She even wore workout clothes to throw off the photographers and begged them to make it look like she was going inside to work out, not to get laser treatments. Take a look at the photos of Kim Kardashian in the slideshow player.
More: http://www.examiner.com/article/kim-kardashian-accused-of-being-weight-loss-cheating-bride-to-be

Kim Kardashian goes topless, straddles Kanye West in rapper's 'Bound 2' music video

PHOTOS: Kimye's sweetest moments Though both outfits showed off her curves and exposed her bras, Kardashian left even less to the imagination in West's new "Bound 2" music video , which debuted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday, Nov. 19. The bride-to-be appears topless in the video while straddling the 36-year-old rapper on a motorcycle. PHOTOS: Kanye West's most outrageous moments West told Ellen DeGeneres that he isn't worried about their 5-month-old being around some of his racy projects, and he won't be changing his style now that he's a new dad. "I'm not as concerned with the idea of profanity or nudity, it's more the messaging behind it," West said on the show Tuesday.
More: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-style/news/kim-kardashian-wears-another-sheer-top-exposes-cleavage-in-black-bra-at-kanye-wests-show-20132011

The video starts by showing off the sexy silhouette of Kardashians post-baby body as she is sprawled across the bike. When West belts out the lyric one good girl is worth a thousand b--ches, the parents of infant North West engage in a steamy embrace and start making out. A source gave an advance tease on Kardashians vixen role in the video to Us Weekly on Monday , calling it really sexy. Sexy silhouette! Kim Kardashian shows off her post-baby body in West's 'Bound 2' music video.
More: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music-arts/kim-kardashian-topless-kanye-west-bound-2-article-1.1521710

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