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It's Time For A Bigger Iphone 6, And For Apple To Show Us Something New

But this isnt an Apple-bashing article. Apple under Tim Cook hasnt wowed us the way Jobs did with the introduction of big deal innovations like the iPod, original iPhone, iPad, and even Siri in the iPhone 4S, but Cook has been savvy about continuing to expand and make gobs of money even as competition grows and smartphones begin to look more and more like a commodity product with each passing quarter. So its time to finally look beyond the iPhone. A few years from now we may be no more excited about a new iPhone iteration than we were about a new iPod release in 2012. The battle between iOS and Android handsets will wear on, but it will become of less consequence as we refocus on wearables or the Internet of things, or whatever pops up next. Sure, well still carry around phones for many years to come, they just wont seem as exciting as they have since 2007; it will be much like how we feel about laptops today. And this is where the real opportunity lies for Tim Cook and company. A bigger iPhone 6 could be fantastic, but its not likely to be revolutionary as some of its predecessors were.
More http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericmack/2014/01/21/its-time-for-a-bigger-iphone-6-and-for-apple-to-show-us-something-new/

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